Chirp GPS mobile tracking in 2018

I can't believe it's been 5 years since since Chirp GPS first launched. As technology has changed, so have we. Adopting to new chips inside mobile devices to implement even better GPS tracking, and working with the latest hardware to provide our users the absolute best, and safest GPS tracker you will find has remained our #1 goal.
Our mission has always been to make the product better with each release, and in 2018 we’ve got some incredible things in store for our customers.
Chirp GPS now has over 200,000 registered users that trust us to deliver rock-solid GPS tracking in real time, to any mobile and any device. We’ve made great strides in so many areas of the app, but here are some important areas that will benefit from our latest release coming up soon.
- All day battery life, while using Chirp GPS
- Better ways to discover your friends and family
- Even more value through advanced military-grade tracking features
- De-cluttered design to help you find things faster, and track people easily
- Customized interface designs
- plus a lot more!
Our appreciation to everyone that uses Chirp GPS is more than words can say. You have made us realize, through your kind words about how the app has helped you or your family, to the outstanding feedback for new features, that we couldn’t do this without you.
So from the entire Chirp GPS staff, thank you.
Our commitment to you, is stronger than it was yesterday, but less than it will be tomorrow.
Here’s to you, and a Happy New Year!
Rich Harris, Founder