Tracking people with GPS that you are paired with

A list of people you are paired with appears under the map when on the home screen. You will see the persons name, their current address, how far they are away in driving distance, and current weather conditions. By tapping their name, their location will appear on the map, and an info card appears at the bottom. To dismiss the info card, simply drag it down.


On the info card, you will see all of the tracking information collected, including battery life of their device, GPS signal strength, crime in their area, weather conditions, current address, last time seen online, and the history menu.


There are 5 icons at the bottom of the info card that allow you to chat with that person, get driving directions to them, add or remove them from your panic alert notifications, block or unblock them so THEY can’t see YOUR location, and the option to send a “Wake” alarm that asks that person to come online because Chirp GPS might not be running.

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