Pairing with people to GPS track them anytime

You can pair with anyone else that is also using the Chirp GPS app. Once paired you can always know their location with just the tap their name in a list of people you are paired with. To enter pairing mode, just tap the “PAIR” button on the home screen.
Devices you wish to pair with must also be in pair mode and within 5 miles of you. On the pairing screen you will see icons representing the devices around you that are in pairing mode, just tap a device to request to pair with them. That device will turn orange, and the person you want to track will need to tap the requester’s device listed as “accept” to successfully pair.

If you are more than 5 miles apart, you will need to manually pair with them by entering the pairing mode screen by tapping “Pair” then tapping “Pair manually”. A unique code will be generated for you to send to someone you want to pair with, using email or text message. They will enter that code on the manual pairing screen under “Have a code to enter”. 

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