Sharing your GPS location by sharing a Chirp

When you share a Chirp, it lets you to create a unique link that people can use to follow your location in real time, but only for the time you specify. 

When your Chirp expires, anyone you have shared the link with, will no longer be able to see your location.
To create a new Chirp to share, tap “me” on the home screen, then tap the small pulsing Chirp bird that appears on the bottom of the map.

Next, you type an optional message, then drag the blue bird icon to the right for as long as you wish to share your location. Tap send.
A unique link is created for you that you can send to anyone you wish. You can type the phone icon to automatically open your text messages with the link pre-filled for you, or tap the email icon to email the link.
You can also just simply tap the the text and link created for you, then paste it anywhere for people to follow you, such as on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.
Sending a Chirp is a great way to temporarily share your location with anyone that doesn’t have the Chirp app.

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