Getting started with Chirp GPS

Thanks for using the best free GPS mobile tracking app on the planet! The home screen is where you will be able to track people using your iPhone or Android, create a Chirp, pair with someone, and more, it’s where you will spend most of your time when using the app. The menu button in the upper left hand corner opens up other sections of the app. You can access it from any screen, at any time to get back to the home screen, or for using other parts of the app.
Personalize your avatar icon by tapping on it as it appears on the map, and select the icon that suites you. You can also change your nickname here as well, just edit the text, select your icon, and it saves automatically. You can change this again at any time.
The “Chirp” icon that appears on the bottom of the map is where you can send out your location for a selected amount of time. Anyone can receive your “Chirps” - even people without the Chirp GPS app. Sending a chirp is an easy way to temporarily share your location to anyone without the Chirp GPS app.
The “me” button is used for when you want to know where YOU currently are, or for sending Chirps to other people . When you tap “me”, an info card appears where you can view more detailed information about your location, along with the history of where you’ve been.
The “track all” lets you quickly see everyone you are connected to.
The “pair” button is where you can paid with others that are also using Chirp GPS.
The full screen button appears on any map screen and allows you to quickly go back and forth from a full screen map view, or a partial map view.
The "speedometer" button displays your current speed, the direction you are traveling, and altimeter reading  -how high you are from sea level. Toggle it on or off anytime. It only appears when you are viewing “me”. 
The address display is for you to know where you currently are. This only appears on the “me” screen. It will update automatically as you move.
The "panic alert" button is used to send panic or help notifications to people you have selected. You can adjust who gets a panic from you, by tapping their name in your paired list, then tapping “Panic”. You can remove them with the same process.
You can also add people in the settings of the app. Tapping the panic alert will start a countdown to send alerts. When the red bar reaches all the way across the top part of the app, a single panic alert will be sent. If you press and hold the panic alert, it will send panic alerts every 3 seconds continuously.

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