Installing and registering

Thanks for downloading Chirp GPS, the #1 realtime mobile GPS tracker,  trusted by millions.

After you download the app, you’ll need to create a free account  . If you already have a login, you can tap here to enter your previously saved information. If you need to create an account, it’s easy - just enter a nickname or alias - so people can recognize you when pairing or tracking, and your email address which is only used for account recovery. Both of these can be changed later from inside the app or website.
The next two prompts are really important for the accuracy of Chirp GPS, so you’ll want to make sure to enable both of them. One is for push notifications, and the other is for allowing Chirp GPS to use location services in the background tasks of your device.


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Janice (September 15 at 3:41 AM)
How should I track IPhone location??
Meylin (September 18 at 1:50 PM)
Hi Meylin,
You can track an iPhone by downloading Chirp to that device and pairing with it using your device.

Richard Harris (September 22 at 7:35 AM)

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